Why we are


Ethics has become core and critical to doing business globally.  Moreover there has been a shift and gradual convergence of business ethics and standards globally as a result of the extra territorial impact of regulation.  This is quickly becoming the case in our region and we embrace and seek to promote this development.   Whilst challenges in this regard still remain, we believe it is not an obstacle to doing business in a transparent and ethical manner in Africa.   We therefore ensure all our dealings meet the highest ethical and regulatory standards.  Consequently, there are a number of jurisdictions in which we choose not to operate or transactions in which we will not assist.

In this regard, we ensure that all our interactions with public officials comply with and do not breach any provisions of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or the UK Anti Bribery and Corruption Act.

Our business operates on 3 basic but essential principles:

  • impeccable ethics;
  • excellence; and
  • confidentiality.