What we do

aké|partners is a data driven risk, government relations and public policy advisory firm specialising in sub-Saharan Africa using the latest data analytical tools.  We assist clients manage the regulatory,  risk, operational and policy challenges of doing business or seeking to invest in the region.

We believe that in a region where evidence based policy is scarce, a lack of government data analytical tools exists and data sourcing challenging, in order to effectively manage and impact government policy or provide tailored risk analysis, evidence based predictions based on granular data is required.

Whether it’s because we can speak Hausa in Kano, Français de Moussa in Abidjan or source approvals in Swahili in Nairobi,  our team manages and sources data and works closely with governments and regulators to  help reduce the regulatory and operational “noise” to let you focus on doing what you do best.   We leverage our exceptional expertise in the key economic hubs in the region to provide value for our clients.


Government Relations and Advocacy: Using an evidence based data analytical approach, communicate ethically and informatively with ministers, senior government officials and external public stakeholders in order to impact policy and legislation or seek to manage the narrative.

Risk Management and Predictive Analysis: Using conventional sources, artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms we are not only to able to collect, source and visualise ground sourced data but use it to provide predictive analysis to enable clients to better understand and manage various risks.

Operational Development: Project manage the client’s on the ground presence including managing the regulatory, consent and approval process though our network of relationships at central and municipal government level.

Promotion: Partner with organisations to promote issues that create high social capital in Africa.

Investment: Advise on market entry and expansion opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa.


Our team has significant experience advising and assisting multinationals, financial institutions and non governmental organisations on issues across sub-Saharan Africa.

For example, we have advised and assisted a US multinational in an asset acquisition across 8 jurisdictions involving numerous regional and national regulatory bodies, in excess of 200 approvals and provided FCPA mitigation and sanctions advice. Initiated the formation of an alternative advocacy group comprising multiple industry and consumer stakeholders in order to promote private sector engagement with a  government in Africa.  Negotiated the resolution of long standing litigation for a major South African conglomerate. Advised a major financial institution on regulatory, business and political risk and deal structure with regards to a Lusophone country in sub-Saharan Africa. Advised a major pharmaceutical company on currency risk issues in West Africa. We advise one of the largest US foundations on country and political risk in Africa.