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Aké Partners Pharmaceutical Introduction

Aké Partners Pharmaceutical Introduction slides We are an African government relations and public policy firm headquartered in Johannesburg.

Cote d’Ivoire and the risk from terrorism

The biggest risk to a slow down in economic development in Cote d’Ivoire over the next 2 years is not a further decline in manufacturing output in China or the United States nor a resurgence of domestic political or ethnic violence.  The most significant risk is the threat posed by the importation of Islamic militancy […]

Risks to doing business in Angola

The Angolanisation Policy Risk  The Angolan government is committed to promoting Angolan companies and entrepreneurs. This policy pervades a wide range of commercially orientated legislation in Angola as well as the tender policies of many state and privately owned companies such as Sonangol.   A foreign company (“FC”) risks losing tenders should it decide to do […]

The MTN fine and political interference in Nigeria

Negotiations embarked upon by the telecoms operator MTN with the Nigerian Communications Commission (“NCC”) in the hope of reducing the telecom operator’s US$ 3.9 Billion fine has exposed an interesting new approach by the Nigerian government that should be of interest to foreign investors in Nigeria Please click here to read the full article.   […]

MTN in High Ranking Talks With NCC Officials

Anti Corruption Demonstrations in South Africa

Bloomberg Anti Corruption Protests in South Africa

Boye Gbadebo discussing the MTN Fine by the Nigerian Regulator

7 Lessons Africa Can Learn from the Greek Debt Crisis

7 Lessons Africa Can Learn from the Greek Debt Crisis For most of the 2000s, Greece experienced the fastest GDP growth of any Eurozone economy averaging 4.2 per cent. Rapid growth resulted in significant amounts of lending, which together with economic mismanagement and misfortune has given rise to the crises that has befallen Greece today. […]

Institutional Funding Opportunities in Africa

Download our review presentation: Institutional-Funding-Opportunities-in-Africa

Work and establishment mobility in sub-Saharan Africa

With the rise of neo Afro nationalism, a question that is seldom raised but key to this continent’s economic development is the status of work and establishment mobility in sub-Saharan Africa – a region with a drastic skills deficit? The Ghanaian authorities have recently confirmed the continued closure of foreign owned shops and the expulsion […]

Work and Establishment Mobility in Sub-Saharan Africa

With the rise of neo African nationalism  a question which is seldom raised but is crucial to  the economic development in sub-Saharan Africa  is the  question of work and establishment mobility in sub-Saharan Africa.  A region with a drastic skills deficit. Work and Establishment Mobility in Sub-Saharn Africa

Exchange Traded Products in Africa

Worldwide assets held in exchange traded funds (ETF) have reached US$2 trillion. This milestone should be seen within the context that the US$1 trillion milestone was obtained in 2009 after almost 19 years. Notwithstanding the growth in the ETF industry, the relative low barriers to entry have given rise to significant competition. ETF fees have […]